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Two ways to pay. You may choose to Pay Online With a Card or you may Pay Online Annually with a Purchase Order when registering multiple users from Law Libraries, Courts, and Law Firms.

Each User must be register and pay as a Member under their email address for our automated online Subscriptions. Select the Annual or Monthly Recurring Member Subscription payment links below. You may pay using a credit card or debit card online at time of purchase. 

Member Subscriptions are available as follows:

Annual subscriptions are $275 for the First Primary User in a court system or law office, or law school and $225 for each Secondary User of that group classified as an attorney, judge and law school/library administrator.

Monthly subscriptions are $28 per month for the Each User attorney, judge or law school administrator.

When you become a First Primary User, you will be issued your login and also a separate Staff User login at no charge to share with any and all paralegals, law clerks or non-attorney support staff working for you. You will be directed to submit one Staff User email address at the conclusion of your purchase.This email address must be relative to the law firm, court or school/library domain name. We will issue your Staff User login within 48 hours.

Please note for Existing Members:  If you already have a current first primary user subscription and have not received the free separate login for your support staff, Click Here to send a request so that we may issue your Staff User login.

—To Submit A Purchase Order and Send a Check via US Mail for your Annual Subscriptions, Click Here.

You will be submitting your information on the secure web form provided. We will send your invoice immediately and issue your login credentials upon receipt of your check.


—For Instant Access, Pay Now with a Debit Card, Credit Card:


A. $28 Monthly Recurring Each User Subscription via Debit/Credit Card

$28 Monthly


C. $275 Annual Recurring First User Subscription via Debit/Credit Card

$275 Annually

D. $225 Annual Recurring Second User Subscription via Debit/Credit Card
(Requires an active First User Subscription)

$225 Annually 2nd User

To cancel an existing Paypal subscription to the New Georgia Law Update, choose: