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Welcome to the All New Georgia Law Update! Our website has been developed for the benefit of lawyers, law students, courts and judges as well as anyone who is interested Georgia Criminal Cases and deals with all issues of criminal law – substance, procedure, evidence, and constitutional issues – in the trial court.

Scales of Justice Georgia Law Update is a work-in-progress available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Georgia Criminal Law Update Publication is updated twice monthly so that you are provided with the very latest reference materials. It is an extensive collection comprised of over 3000 pages of information. It is indexed using categorized chapters and subchapters and is fully searchable. GLU is a membership website. When you subscribe, you’ll have access to our digital law publication for your reference.

Preface from Our Author

Judge Ben W. Studdard has been working to survey and collect materials in order to build synopses of Georgia criminal law since 1999. Georgia Law Update grew out of Judge Studdard giving annual presentations on new criminal case law to his colleagues on the State Court bench in Georgia for many years.

‘My goal is to report any significant holding of every reported criminal case from the Georgia Court of Appeals and Supreme Court and, where applicable, the federal courts. I attempt to concisely state those holdings, with any relevant facts, where possible quoting from the case. The user can thus know that the case has been accurately reported, and may be able to use those quotes in orders, motions or briefs. I try to make appropriate cross-references and comparisons to cases on related subjects (including cases which may not reference one another.) Issues which arise solely on appeal or on petition for habeas corpus are beyond the scope of this work. Issues unique to juvenile proceedings currently are beyond the scope, as are forfeiture proceedings related to criminal prosecutions.’

‘I am grateful to my colleagues for their kind encouragement in this undertaking, as well as their helpful suggestions and comments. I am most grateful, however, to my wife for her unfailing love and support. Georgia Law Update welcomes your questions, comments, and feedback on how GLU can make the publication more effective for your use.’

—Ben W. Studdard III, Chief Judge, State Court of Henry County, Georgia